Internet voting for HOA’s with EZ Vote Online

When it comes to HOAs, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made regularly. In the winter, the HOA must determine the snow removal service that they will use. In the summer, they must determine which company to go with for lawn mowing services, and how many guest passes they will give out for the pool. Throughout the year, they must also make decisions concerning pest control, home standards, HOA fees, and much more topics. With these decisions to be made, your condominium HOA is probably much busier than you ever imagined they would be.

Typically, most of the decisions that your homeowner’s association makes need to be approved by the majority of the homeowners in the complex (although you will need to check your HOA agreement to learn about the specifics). Unfortunately, each of the homeowners in each area have very different schedules and very busy lives. So, when it comes to having a quorum at the HOA meetings, HOAs struggle. When a majority is required and HOAs are unable to reach quorum regularly, they begin to have issues with not being able to make decisions quickly enough. Luckily we have a solution for the low turnout at your HOA meetings – Internet voting for HOA’s with EZ Vote Online.

What is EZ Vote Online?

EZ Vote Online is an online voting system that is becoming more and more popular in small town elections and voting for decisions within smaller communities. EZ Vote Online is safe, fast, and super easy. The security that is paired with the system allows for secure voting without external influences being able to hack the system. With online voting, the votes can be counted instantly. This means that you will know the decision as soon as possible. Online voting systems are also easy! They make it easier for many people to vote at the same time (or different times) without interrupting their daily lives.

How can your HOA use online voting?

The vote to go with internet voting for your HOA will be the last traditional vote you will ever need to have! No more trying to round up as many homeowners for your meetings each month. No more trying to shove the information and the voting process into your short meetings. With online voting, you can simply print out information about the upcoming vote and provide your homeowners with the information they need to vote online for their chosen option. The online voting system from EZ Vote will save your HOA board so much time and stress. The other upside is that your homeowners will also probably be happy with the change because they will be able to participate in votes without being inconvenienced. Are you ready to sign up for the online voting system now?